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Marketing Management
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Marketing and Sales Management is one of the most sought after careers, and ample job opportunities are available in this field with the emerging number of multinational and national companies. But this field is very competitive and only skilled person could make a successful career.

Marketing managers are personnel who take care of sales, marketing, product promotions, advertisement and public relation of a firm or organization. Their major tasks involve market research, product development, promotion, pricing, sales and distribution. It is these people who develop detailed marketing strategies, analyze the demand of the companys products and services in the market, identify the competitors and potential markets and handle customer management. They are responsible to ensure customer satisfaction and also to achieve the business goal or target of an organization. They should always be alert, keep an eye on the changing marketing activities and makes plans accordingly and should develop new ideas and strategies for the products.

Marketing management is a profession that offers a number of opportunities in various fields. Graduates can start off their career as marketing executive and depending on their skills and experience within a couple of months or years, they could reach the post of marketing manager. From this post one has an opportunity to climb the ladder and occupy the top most positions in the company. A well-qualified MBA graduate can be offered positions such as marketing manager, brand manager, market research analyst, and new product manager, sales manager, advertising manager, PR (public relations) director etc.

Small companies, big corporates, government and non government organizations, consultancies, public relation agencies all offer a wide range of opportunities for marketing professionals. Advertising, sales, management, creative writing for product promotion etc are the areas of work involved. They can work in department stores, computer companies, utility companies, construction firms, food producers, manufacturing firms and arts organizations. One could also establish their own consultancy, that gives advice and suggestions for the organizations regarding marketing or can start their own advertising agencies.

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