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Supply Chain Management
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Logistics is a huge field with tremendous opportunities for talented and energetic future managers in India as well as abroad. The scope for the field is increasing with supply chain spending, growing faster than the overall economy and company CEOs recognizing the importance of Supply Chain Management (SCM). A career in Logistics can offer exciting challenges, early responsibility and travel opportunities along with of course, excellent remuneration. Logistics management is important not only to the worlds leading organizations- but offers tremendous employment opportunities in clearing and forwarding companies, freight forwarding organizations, couriers etc. In addition, companies having manufacturing and distribution operations need trained professionals in Logistics. In short, nearly every size and type of organization needs motivated, well-prepared individuals like you to become their supply chain leaders of the future.

Logistics Management Courses have gained importance after the formation of courier companies, and freight and forwarding agents across countries and cities. Logistics management courses in India are offered at post graduation levels and train candidates in all aspects relating to movement of goods over land, air, or water.

Another SCM employment option is the third party logistics (3PL) industry. Working for a 3PL gives extensive growth opportunities and broad exposure to various companies and facilities.Cargo handlers and shipping companies are always in need of candidates with professional degree in Logistics. These logistics companies form the backbone of all supply chain management organizations. Candidates pursuing courses in supply chain management have a fair knowledge of the logistics industry. The logistics companies work in close association with airline companies, shipping enterprises, and surface carriers. A logistics management degree helps a candidate in not only getting an opportunity within the industry but also in companies outside the sector. Outside India, logistics management graduates have openings as warehouse supervisor, shipping coordinator, operations manager, export sales coordinator, export executive, logistics coordinator, and expeditor.

Finally, SCM positions are never boring and allow you to perform an extensive range of duties. Most interesting job in the sense, no two days are the same, every hour seems to bring about new challenges.

Supply chain management offers a wide variety of job options for entry-level managers and beyond. Your opportunities are only limited by the geographic scope of your search, the industries that you are willing to pursue, and the types of positions that you will consider. You will get opportunities in warehousing, retailing and transportation sector. Warehousing sector involves inventory control, preparing GRN (Goods Receipt Note) etc. You may jump into these positions immediately or after completion of a management training program. An MBA in Logistics can begin as a management trainee, analyst, or front line supervisor in warehouses or retail outlets of big manufacturers. A few of the positions are more advanced and require significant Supply Chain Management (SCM) experience. A broad base of business skills, knowledge of supply chain processes, and relevant internship/work experience will give you ample opportunity to begin & advance your career with a manufacturer, retailer, carrier, third party logistics firm, or other organization.

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