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Architectures after completing their graduates can expect bright future. They have best opportunities in public and private sectors. They can work as contractor and consultant. Depends on their interest one can go into their interesting field. If one wants to work in private or public sector they need to join as a juniors works under senior architectures. Architectures they start their career as a prone by the company they sketches, layouts and plan according to the client interest. They design, plan, site selection, research on the place, safety, supervision and many more. Once they are well experienced they can go into higher positions and they take up the management too.With the current growth in the countrys industrial and economic activities there are not widely used by architects, both in public and private sectors. A qualified architect can work with government organizations such as Central and State public employment services, housing and urban development companies, municipalities, city development authorities, housing boards, etc. They are also used in business industrial, consulting and architectural firms private teaching institutions, real estate development businesses, etc. The scope of the most privileged in the field of architecture is a private practice. With several years of experience in an organization, architects can create their own company. Individual architects or architectural firms may choose to specialize in one of a number of areas such as housing, hospitals or educational facilities.

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