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UoH final semester examinations from 16 September

Published on Sep 14 2020 | Updated on Sep 14 2020
UoH final semester examinations from 16 September
Hyderabad University UoH is planning to conduct its final year exams from September 16. The university had provided department heads a variety of options on how to conduct the exam.

Some departments have agreed to give the students the question paper online, allowing them two to four hours to compose their replies. It is not known that they will be on a video call or write answers online. They will now have to file a scanned copy of their response sheet once the examination time is over, said Prof Vinod Pavarala, UoH spokesperson.

End-semester exams are conducted for 50 marks, and the remaining 50 marks are continually assessed for candidates. Even though it would be kind of an open book exam, the question papers would contain an element of research and interpretation.

This means students can not copy paste from their study content. Some departments also perform oral examinations and post the theory papers to verify the engagement of the students with the curriculum and honesty, said Prof Pavarala.

From 24 September, the university will conduct online entrance exams for various postgraduate and integrated courses