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Agricultural Enginering
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Career Prospects

There are excellent career opportunities in Agricultural sector for engineering graduates in India. The profession is now far from the traditional perception of the people towards agriculture. Agricultural engineering graduates have ample options in their hand. Apart from joining manufacturing industries they can also opt for water resource management, forestry, mining and rehabilitation, food processing, peri-urban and rural development, machine development and many more. Agricultural engineers can also work in NGOs under various schemes and projects.

They are now working as specialists in private consultancies, large corporations, government and non-government organisations, and some have become engineering managers of large farms or estates.

Sectors where agricultural engineers find employment :

Public Sector :

* Department of Agriculture (State as well as central government)

* Development organizations

* Universities/Institutions/ Labs

Private Sector :

* Agricultural co-operatives

* Manufacturers of agricultural equipment

* Fertiliser and irrigation companies

* Farming companies

* Industry service organisations such as the sugar industry

* NGOs

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