Indian Coast Guard
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â?¢ Ensuring safety and protection of the artificial islands, offshore installations and other structure in our maritime zones.

â?¢ Preservation and protection of our maritime environment including prevention and control of maritime pollution.

â?¢ Enforcement of MZI Acts.

Service in Coast Guard is not merely an employment; it is where you play the most important role of protecting the national interests of your motherland. The life of a Coast Guard officer is a happy mix of many things: hard work, professionalism, risk and adventure and the opportunity to move around and visit different places within India and abroad and to meet a variety of people. There is also the satisfaction of being involved in the nationâ??s defence. Thus career in the Coast Guard cannot be measured in financial terms only. Good pay and abundant perks are supplemented by a constantly improving job satisfying versatile career difficult to match in civil life.

The professionals are paid with lucrative salary; in addition they also receive perks and other allownaces from time to time as decided by the authority.