Video Jockey (VJ)
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Video discs are publicly announcing the music videos will be broadcast where they can spend to provide more information about the video or the artist / group. The video jockey in general, adopts a unique style and delivery, which often determines its popularity among the general public. They may work in specific time stays with live performances, or that he or she could record a series of video projections in a given period of time.The main job is to present music videos, VJ and host of related live TV with music. But as competition increases, the music channels are in the trend of incorporating many different activities to attract the public, especially young people. VJ has to keep up to date on the latest trends in music, videos and all the latest information on music stars and other celebrities. In this sense, acquire a more journalistic. that act as intermediaries between public figures and musicians or music videos.It may also involve work outside the camera and decide the issue and the selection of songs based on the theme of the show, participate in promotions, roadshows, attendance at theme parties and with the experience, even writing scripts for the show at a time.