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Opportunities exist for tourist guides with the public and the private sector. Tour guides may find employment opportunities in the departments of tourism and travel directions by EU governments and the state. They may also work in the private sector with travel agencies and tour operators. For these professionals are also good prospects with airlines, hotels and transportation. Tour guides can also work as journalists and travel writers travel. They can work as a freelancer as well. Self-employment is a good option in this sector. Usually, after gaining experience and recognition in an established travel agency, workers start their own business.

In the department of tourism jobs is that the booking staff and cons, sales and marketing, travel planners and tour guides. Officials of the Directorate and the departments of tourism are recruited from among the candidates who made the civil service from the government / central government and central governments. They are involved in planning and tourism promotion. Working in an airline, either ground personnel or flight is an attractive option for many people these days. In the airlines, you can work as an aid to circulation, reserve and counter staff, air hostess and steward, sales, marketing and customer service. A course of travel and tourism or management qualification can enter hotel workers in the airlines are so difficult to glamour and offer the opportunity to travel to interesting destinations. Tour operators organize tours to different tourist sites and manage the travel and stay of tourists. There are many companies that operate tours to national and international tourists. Some may be the usual destinations like hill stations, but others are for unusual activities such as rafting, paragliding, climbing and camping. Tour operators need people to sell the concept and then to support groups in the destinations. For foreign companies, agencies prefer girls who are kind and helpful. For national groups, children are preferred. Again, the ratings are friendly and outgoing personality, knowledge of business and often participate in them with tourists. Travels agents assess the needs of tourists and businessmen and help them make travel arrangements of the best travel options available are numerous. Many resorts, travel groups use travel agents to promote their packages travelers in the hotel industry is essentially a service industry to provide food and lodging for visitors. It is a question that requires a lot of labor, with a wide variety of skills. In India, many vacancies are to be filled in the next ten years. In addition to airlines, travel facilities including railway, bus operators, car rental. Etc. tourist guide who takes tourists from one place to another - by air, road etc, rail, water, travel and tourism. They can enjoy tourism facilities use for travel.


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