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Amma Vodi scheme is applicable for Intermediate students also

Published on Jun 28 2019 | Updated on Jun 28 2019
 Amma Vodi scheme is applicable for Intermediate students also
In a major initiative, state government has decided to extend Amma Vodi scheme to the intermediate students. An annual financial assistance of Rs.15000 will be granted to each mother who sends her wards to school or college, under Amma Vodi scheme. Although, the scheme was originally devised to support up to high school education, chief minister Y S Jagan has directed the education department officials to extend the scheme for intermediate education.
CM reviewed the various issues pertaining to the strengthening of education system in the state with the senior officials on Thursday. During the discussion over Amma Vodi, CM sprang a surprise by asking the officials to bring the intermediate education too into Amma Vodi bracket. He said that he had promised to the parents during his padayatra that he would take care of the burden of children’s education and hence confining Amma vodi up to high school studies was not correct. He said that he was ready to spare any amount of budget to the scheme and asked the officials to ready the blue-print.
Speaking to the media after the review, HRD minister Adimulapu Suresh said that CM had directed them to implement the scheme up to intermediate education. “We will cover all the students who are studying in government, social welfare residential and private colleges under Amma Vodi. White card will be the only criteria to get the financial assistance under Amma Vodi,” said Suresh. He said that they would shortly submit their budget requirement proposals to the finance department.