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Demand for Advanced Supplementary Exams

Published on Jul 12 2018 | Updated on Jul 12 2018
Demand for Advanced Supplementary Exams
First year and second year engineering students are demanding that the JNTU-H hold advanced supplementary exams to help them avoid detention due to lack of credits. Students must secure a minimum of 24 credits out of 48 in order to be promoted to the second year. They alleged that about 10,000 students were detained this year due to the credit-based detention system. In 2017, another 10,000 students were detained for not securing enough credits in the first year.
Mr Goutham Rao, president, Telangana Engineering College Association, pointed out that advanced supplementary exams were conducted last year. Experts said the advanced supplementary should be limited to the final year. Dr Srini Bhupalam, an education expert, said, “Detention due to insufficient credits is of a student’s own making. If a student could not pass after five months of classwork and study time, expecting a different outcome in the advance supplementary is not realistic’’.