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Hyderabad Parents file cases against two schools for high fees

Published on Jan 12 2017 | Updated on Jan 12 2017
Hyderabad Parents file cases against two schools for high fees

Hyderabad parents upped the ante against private schools by filing complaints in police stations on Wednesday, accusing the schools of committing a criminal offence by collecting fees from students that are more than the Rs 5000 stipulated as admission fee in a government order.

Members of the HSPA (Hyderabad School Parents Association), Aravinda Jata, Ashish Naredi, Seema Agarwal, Venkat Sainath, and M. Pavan registered complaints in Jubilee Hills, Madhapur and Raidurgam police stations.

They submitted proof that the rules had been violated by Sloka School and Jubilee Hills Kindergarten School in Jubilee Hills, Phoenix Green School, Gachibowli and Green Gables School, Madhapur.

They have warned that there are other schools on their list too and complaints will be registered against them in the coming days. “A few schools like DPS, Meridian, and Hyderabad Public School have lowered their admission fee to Rs 5000. But these schools have turned a deaf ear,” said Aravinda Jata, a HSPA member.

When contacted, Madhapur police station Inspector R. Kalinga Rao said that parents had complained that some schools were collecting capitation fees illegally, in violation of government rules, and the police would seek an explanation from those schools.