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India Gets Set to Reopen Schools From 1st September

Published on Aug 8 2020 | Updated on Aug 8 2020
India Gets Set to Reopen Schools From 1st September
Six months after the coronavirus pandemic began, there is concern about when large looms will be reopened by schools. This is a problem for which all parents, kids and even the schools themselves are struggling.

And as India crosses the 20 lakh milestone from 15 lakh cases in a record nine days in the month of August, the central government is in discussions to work out a proposal to reopen schools from September.

The government is of the view that higher class schools will begin between September and November in a phased manner. Guidelines include opening schools first for classes 10-12 and then for classes 6-9, which were discussed with GOM for Covid-19, headed by Dr Harshvardhan, Health Minister.

Students from classes 10 and 12 will be required to attend schools during the first process. If a school has four sections in each class, on alternate days only two sections can attend school. The schools timings will be halved from 5 to 6 hours to only 2 to 3 hours. Although schools will continue to operate in shifts, for school premises to be sanitised, one hour is provided in between.

Schools have been proposed to run on 33% staff and student strength.